Artisan Spotlight: Elisa Lejuez Peters

Our home-base at An Island Thing is the island of Aruba, located in the Dutch West Indies region of the Caribbean. In addition to being the canvass for the Caribbean’s largest street gallery, the island oozes creative talent from every nook and cranny. And how can an artist not be inspired living here? The sun is always shining (Aruba boasts more days of sunshine than any other island in the Caribbean) and our landscapes of vivid colors and textures—from our pristine white beaches and turquoise coasts to lushly landscaped resorts blooming with bold tropical colors to the cactus- and aloe-strewn terracotta desert-scapes of our countryside–provide ongoing muses for artists to reflect in their work.
Our spotlight is on Elisa Lejuez Peters, one of Aruba’s most successful and revered artists. Originally from the Netherlands, neo-pop artist Elisa Lejuez Peters has established herself as one of Aruba’s best-known artists and fashion designers. Elisa wows with color, mixed media, and silkscreen printing. Her works have been featured in exhibits throughout the Dutch Caribbean, Miami, New York City, and Amsterdam, and have been purchased by private collectors, international resort chains, and various local restaurants and businesses.



After several years of successfully submitting her artwork to expositions worldwide, Lejuez took her artwork “off the canvas” and put it into clothing, her other passion. Since 2016, Elisa has been sharing collections of her Caribbean Art Scarves, combining her signature neo-pop style with her art background and master’s degree in textile design. The scarves are 100% silk, and she comes out with new limited-edition collections on a regular basis.

Elisa Lejuez Peters Aruba scarf


Elisa’s art is directly influenced by the shapes, colors, and patterns that catch her eye around the island, and even by a mood she feels. The scarves begin with a mood board of imagery that will be reflected abstractly in her art. The final work of art is then used to create a scarf.

Aruban artist

Scarves have been an on-trend accessory for the past few years and have become a true fashion staple for all four seasons. Elisa’s Caribbean Arty Scarves will liven up your wardrobe with bold splashes of color, and they are also the a great gift idea. When in Aruba, you can shop for her scarves at T.H. Palm & Company. You can also shop our curated selection of her scarves online here.

Elisa Lejuez Peters Aruba